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Post  Tei on Fri Oct 15, 2010 3:51 pm

I am linking here interesting stuff referenced in the Minecraft forum.

Guides and Tutorials
Zuriki's "Reskinning Minecraft" - Guide for Windows users

birjolaxew's Texture Pack Installation Guide - Guide for Windows/Mac users

Lilyo's Texture Pack List and Tutorial - Guide for Windows users; extensive texture pack list

Modifications and Editors
osici's "Omen" - Minecraft map editor. See post for list of features

aeomin's "NBTForge" - Minecraft map editor. See post for list of features

codewarrior's "MCEdit" - Minecraft map editor. See post for list of features

copyboy's "INVedit" - An inventory editor

copyboy's Minecraft Portal Mod - Custom game mode which simulates the gameplay of Valve's "Portal" in Minecraft

Additional Utilities
pubby8's "Isocraft" - Creates an isometric representation of your minecraft level

BeeTLe BeTHLeHeM's "MCMapper" - Generates a random dungeon minecraft level

plusminus' "Minecraft X-Ray" - A 3D world viewer with the specific purpose of finding minerals and caves

ZomBuster's "Cartograph" - Mapping program capable of both top-down and isometric level representation. See post for list of features

udoprog's "c10t" - Mapping program derived from Cartograph, memory-efficient and multi-platform

OrangeXP's "AlphaVespucci" - Mapping program designed to handle large maps. Supports OpenLayers

Swedman's "SkinEdit" - Program for making custom skins[/quote]


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